fredag 6. desember 2013

Te- og Serviettholder/ Tea and Napkin box

Hello bloggers,

I wanted to show you a tea and napkin box I made for a class I taught at Unik Hobby.
It was inspired by Mariannes box, but I made it in a different way.
I was crafting with my daughter, she wanted to make a gift for her fathers birthday. We were playing around with paper and this is what we come up had lots of fun I'm smiling just thinking about it.

Here is mine...

For de av dere som var på kurset på Unik Hobby, målene finnere dere på Unik bloggen HER.
All materials used are listed below.

Here is the one my daughter made: 

Pretty- isn't it? :) 
She colored the image carefully using my copic markers.

Thanks for stopping by today,
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Crafty Hugs,

4 kommentarer:

Nina sa...

Riktig nydelige esker begge to :-)
Jeg har laget noen tilsvarende Mariannes, men dette er en variant jeg har lyst til å prøve meg på - takk for tipset.
Ha en fortsatt fin førjulstid

:-) Nina

Christina C. sa...

OMG.....this is priceless and your daughter's tea and napkin holder is just as gorgeous....WOW!
What a great gift love it!


Hi Elizabeth,

What a wonderful box you made, but the one of Sabine I like most. Well done girl, it's so very nice. Sabine, your are like my granddaugther, she is also always crafting with me.

Have a nice weekend and love from Holland,


Teresa sa...

They are brilliant, it's so nice that your daughter made one too. xx